Dark Subtlety

The Adventure Begins


The companions arrived in the city of Iiyashi Sekinin Tonin (Humble Duty City). Each have their reasons for being there.
Daisuke Doji of the Crane clan has been tasked with observing a woman named Bayushi Myko in relation to Crane merchants that have gone missing in Scorpion lands. He has been told to take a measure of her without acting and report back to his superiors on what he has learned. It is speculated that she may be responsible or observing her might lead to those who are.

Kesu Agasha of the Phoenix clan has been sent to visit the shrine of Inari (The Fortune of Rice), to pay his respects and to leave a bundle of incense.

Tomo Mirumoto of the Dragon clan has been left a note that merely says: ‘The road of life twists and turns beneath our feet. We do not move, so much as the road itself moves. Let the road move , and take in any new experiences that may come before you.’

After passing through the gates without incident, they went looking for a place to stay the night.
Tomo went out of his way to get orange sheets, while the others were satisfied with the Inn’s standard fare.
After securing their rooms, they decided to go out and have a look around the town.

Kesu and Daisuke went out together. They observed the layout of the city. The close knit residential district, that featured dwellings situated closely together, occasionally broken up by a bathhouse or sake house. They made their way to the edge of the warehouse district, where Daisuke asked carefully about Myko. He was told that she is a beautiful, but reserved woman who seems to dispatch suitors as fast as she can get them. He was also told that she is a scout, tasked to patrol nearby areas to check for threats and that she is often away from the city proper. The guard however could not say much more.

Satisfied with this Kesu and Daisuke sought out the shrine to Inari. The Shrine was a small structure lined on the edges of the interior by a garden. It looked a bit poorly kept and made Kesu and Daisuke wonder about the local lords care taking of such an important monument. The Monk told them in a round about way that maybe the neglect started after the governors wife died.
Kesu left the incense at the shrine and noticed a bag of obsidian mixed dirt. He recalled that obsidian has an affinity with the shadowlands taint.
Kesu asked the monk if he had noticed anyone strange visiting the shrine that may have left something so terrible. At first he couldn’t think of anything, but with a small push he remembered an abnormally earthen smelling person visiting a few days ago just after the last time that he burnt the offerings. He suggested that it might be someone from the farming community outside of town.

Tomo met back up with the other two and they spent some time out and about the town, eating and drinking before retiring to the inn where they had rooms.

The next day at midday they attended the local lords gemmpuku (coming of age ceremony).
After the ceremony and a few hours of festivities. The companions were called to see the governor. During the meeting they were offered a ride of the governors lands, and given horses to make the trip.

The next morning they met someone at the front gates who had gotten the horses ready for them. This was none other than Myko whom Daisuke had been warned about. He took a brief measure of her without being too obvious of what he was doing/planning and the companions started their journey to the farmlands. The session ended with them arriving at a farming community dedicated to bamboo and rice.


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